The club was formed by a group of MG enthusiasts in 1991, as membership grew it became incorporated a year later with it’s own constitution and became known as the MG Car Club Sunshine Coast.

In the same year it also became affiliated with the official MG Car Club in the UK. Whilst full membership is primarily available to owners of MG’s we also welcome a limited amount of diversity by offering associated memberships to owners of similar British sports cars.

All members receive a bi monthly magazine covering a range of topics from technical to past and future events.

The clubs principal aim is to offer opportunities for members to use and enjoy their cars by providing an active calendar of interesting drives and social events throughout the year.

Come and meet new friends, and take your MG to places you might hesitate to go on your own knowing you can share the pleasures of visiting interesting places with the support of other members should anything go wrong.

Car Insurance Discounts

Little Known Car Insurance Discounts You May Be Eligible To Receive

Sure, most people know about the good driving discount many car insurance companies offer or the discount for bundling more than one type of policy together. However, there are many car insurance discounts that some people simply do not know even exist. Some insurance companies will advertise these little-known cost savers, while others may keep it under wraps unless specifically asked about the discount. Here are some less publicised discounts that you should ask your car insurance carrier about.

Military or former service member discount. Some car insurance companies will even extend this discount to immediate family members as a way to thank a family for their service.

Good student discount/Secondary education discount. Many carriers offer younger drivers a good student discount if they are on the honour roll or have a certain minimum grade point average. Other automobile insurance companies will offer discounted rates to other individuals with graduate or advance professional degrees. Also, membership in a number of nationwide fraternities or sororities can provide yet another discount.

Car Insurance

Paid in full discount. Not all companies offer this, but some carriers will offer you a discount (sometimes up to 10%) if you are able to pay your insurance premium in full or agree to a lesser number of monthly payments.

Automatic payments. Check with your car insurance carrier to see if they will offer you an additional discount if you have your monthly insurance premium automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month.

New car discount. Some companies will offer you a car insurance discount if you purchase a brand new vehicle. It may only apply to the year in which the vehicle was purchased, but some other car insurance companies will offer the ‘new car’ discount for the first 2-3 years.

If you are looking to save money on your car insurance, be sure to take the time to make a quick call to your insurance carrier to see if you qualify for any of these great savings. Who doesn’t like to save money, right?

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Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is like homeowner’s insurance in that it provides financial coverage if your home or the possessions in your home become damaged. Both types of insurance policies also provide liability coverage in the event of an accident occurring on your property. If you live at your primary residence and you decide to rent out one of your rooms, then you can qualify for both landlord insurance and homeowner’s insurance. If you have an investment property that you do not live in, then you cannot get homeowner’s insurance on that property, but you can get landlord insurance.

A landlord policy does have some minor differences from a homeowner’s policy. If your rental property becomes damaged and uninhabitable, you can receive rental reimbursement for the loss of income you would normally receive if tenants were able to stay on the property. A landlord policy can provide coverage for any damage to personal property that you may have on the rental property. Also, the monthly premiums on a landlord policy are tax deductible as a business expense because being a landlord is a business venture.

landlord insurance

There are several factors that determine the cost of a landlord policy. Some of these factors include:

• Geographic location
• Size, condition, and age of the building being rented
• Number of rental units
• Electrical wiring up to code
• Presence of burglar alarms and fire sprinklers

Working with an insurance agent or broker is the best way to find the right amount of landlord insurance coverage that is tailored to your needs at a price you can afford.

Landlord insurance does not cover any damages that occur to the tenant’s personal property. As a landlord, your policy only covers your financial interest in the structure you own and any of your personal property within the structure. Before having a tenant sign a lease, you should require them to have renter’s insurance to avoid any disputes if their personal property becomes damaged. States do not require individuals to have landlord insurance or renter’s insurance, but it is a good thing to have to avoid any financial setbacks due to uncontrollable circumstances.



Car insurance is the agreement that you make between yourself and the insurance company. This contract includes the amount of premium that you will be paying monthly and the type of losses the company has agreed to cover for you.

Types of car insurance:

I. Auto insurance: This type of car insurance provides cover for medical care, property, and liability.

II. Property insurance: This type of car insurance covers any type of physical damage to your car and the theft of your vehicle.

III. Comprehensive insurance: This type of car insurance covers any losses apart from collision causes. This may include natural causes such as fire damage, flood damage or even damage caused by animals or even men during instances such as riots and many others.
The importance of car insurance:

The first action that is taken after purchasing a vehicle is getting car insurance. This is very important because it protects you, the vehicle, fellow motorists, pedestrians and even your passengers against accidents or any other damages that might result from instances such as accidents and other instances.

Most countries require that you have car insurance before you drive on their roads. It is an illegal offense to drive without one in almost all countries all over the world and you are liable for very hefty penalties if you don’t have one. In America, car insurance was made a necessity in 1927.

In fact, Connecticut was the first country to offer this type of insurance in 1925. Apart from New Hampshire, where you only need to prove that you can pay for any damages in case an accident occurs, you need to have car insurance in all the other states in America.

car insurance

How car insurance works:

The car insurance operates by covering you with the premium you provide at the end of the month. However, you can decide to pay less for your car insurance by using the power of deductibles. Essentially this means that you will have to pay more from your pocket in case an accident or damage occurs to the vehicle or any other person involved in the accident.

The premium must be paid monthly and failure to do so results in not being covered by the insurance company.

Tips on acquiring car insurance:

1. Decide the type of car insurance you need. It is essential that you acknowledge that you need car insurance regardless of whether you will cause an accident or not. This is because you need to protect the safety of all road users when you are driving. Deciding on a comprehensive cover is probably the best this is because it covers almost all the dangers that might involve your vehicle.

2. Always purchase the car insurance according to your lifestyle. The type of lifestyle you are leading literally dictates the kind of car insurance you should purchase. Luckily car insurance is not usually rigid. This means that you can adjust the insurance as your lifestyle changes.

3. Various factors will always dictate the rate of your car insurance cover. This includes your record of driving and your driving mileage. Keep in mind that you can use deductibles to reduce the amount of monthly premium.